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Too busy for you

What if your "friend"" is too busy for you? If you have a personal problem, users:
  • Aren't there for you,
  • Aren't there to help you,
  • Believe it's not their problem, and
  • Don't support you.
Real friends stop their own lives to come to help you. So, regardless what their excuse is, if your "friend" is too busy for you, then he is a user.

Toxic friends

What if your friend is critical of you? She is a user, if she is a:
  • Toxic friend,
  • Unsupportive friend,
  • Unsatisfying friend,
  • Overly demanding friend who is critical of you or your actions, who
  • Drains you emotionally, financially, or mentally,
  • Gives you backhanded compliments,
  • Makes you feel bad about yourself or your actions,
  • Puts you down (criticizes you, or your actions) to make herself feel better,
  • Stresses you out, or
  • Uses you without giving anything back.
If you have a toxic friend, you want to get rid of her.

Getting rid of users

Getting rid of anyone, including users, is no fun. However, if you have users in your life, you do have a choice:
  • If you continue to associate with them, then you will continue to feel tired, drained and miserable. However,
  • If you confront them, if you break free from them, then you will have more happiness in your life.
Therefore I suggest you get rid of users in your life.

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