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How to prevent gum disease, page 1 of 3

By Dr. Al Rowland

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Most people lose their teeth by the time they're 50. Not decay — it's the result of gum disease. So, how do you prevent gum disease, how do you prevent wasting time and money on dentists and dental work, and how do you keep your teeth for a lifetime?

Avoiding fluoride

Avoid the use of fluoride because (aluminum) fluoride is a poison that causes untold damage. Dentists are NOT toxicologists, therefore, even if they (erroneously) recommend it, you shouldn't take their advice on (aluminum) fluoride. It is a MYTH that (aluminum) fluoride prevents tooth decay. The truth is that tap water is NOT fluoridated in Europe, and their teeth are just as good as ours, maybe better.

Avoiding "silver"

How do you prevent gum disease? Avoid "silver" fillings because "silver" is an amalgam of mercury which is a poison that causes many diseases including gum disease. Dentists recommend it, however, the EPA says it is hazardous waste. Therefore you shouldn't allow anyone, not even your dentist, to put any hazardous waste into your mouth.


How do you prevent gum disease? Using the vigorous up-and-down movements of a soft toothbrush, brush your teeth after each meal as well as every night. And, each time you brush your teeth, start it in a different part of your mouth.

How do you prevent gum disease? If you can't brush your teeth after each meal, then brush your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing at night is especially important!

Dental hygienists

How do you prevent gum disease? Visit your dentist every six months to receive dental cleaning and a lecture on the importance of flossing. Dental cleaning is a good idea, but please keep in mind that, with their sharp instruments, dental hygienists can and will damage your teeth and gums. Why? Because what they do is an error-prone, manual process. And because they use power tools as well as some of the world's sharpest handtools. ...More >>

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