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How to track down your food allergies, page 1 of 5

By Dr. Al Rowland

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How can you track down your food allergies?

The SHORT answer is...

You CAN track down your food allergies, using:
  • Allergists, the
  • Coca pulse test, the
  • Food journal test, or the
  • Mono-food test.
You CAN also prevent your food allergies. In this apt article we will tell how to prevent your food allergies.

The LONG answer is...


How can you track down your food allergies? You can use expensive allergists. Allergists tend to be medical doctors (board-certified allergists, members of the American College of Environmental Medicine, or the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology).

How do they track down your food allergies, what are their methods, and exactly how do they track down your food allergies?
  • Inexpensively they buy plain and simple food extracts that you, too, could buy without prescription. Then, one by one, using these food extracts, they attempt to provoke one or more of your allergy symptoms.

  • If they find one of the many food extracts produces one of your allergy symptoms, then they simply instruct you to drop that food (and that food family) from your diet.

  • Alternatively, if they fail to track down your food allergies, then they:
    • Brush you off;
    • Talk down to you;
    • Misleadingly tell you there is nothing wrong with you;
    • Misleadingly tell you it's your fault, not theirs; and
    • Arrogantly tell you, "You're too concerned about your health!"
Allergy shots: On the positive side, they may give you traditional "allergy shots". However, those shots won't cure you, and won't track down your food allergies.

If you take the allergy shots, the relief you get will be temporary.

Additionally, if you take the allergy shots, and if you get only temporary relief, then (on the long run) you pay more money to Big Pharma as well as your allergist.

Caveats: As to allergists, there are many-many caveats:
  • They extract a lot of money from you. Why? Because they want money from you every single time, even when they're not helping, even when they're unable to track down your food allergies.

  • They represent the most time-consuming and most expensive route to tracking down your food allergies. Why? Because you spend way too much time cooling your heels in their waiting rooms and offices.

  • They want money, lots of money, way too much money, even when they're just going through the motions. Therefore the question arises, "Is it really worth going to allergists and medical doctors?" The answer is, "No, it's not worth going to allergists and medical doctors."

  • Exploiting your ignorance, allergists often cost you too much time and money. Why? Because they could do a simple blood test to track down all of your food allergies in less than an hour. But no, they usually insist on using food extracts. Why? Because, at your expense, the food extracts make more money for them. Why? Because, when they use food extracts, they need many additional appointments. And those appointments can and will likely cost you lots of additional time and money. ...More >>
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