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By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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Why is it that residents of the world's richest countries are increasingly unable to lose weight? Why is it that, in a few years, three out of four Americans will be overweight? Follow these instructions, and you will lose weight!


How do you lose weight? Get checked for intestinal parasites. The number of people who are unknowingly infected by these creatures is alarmingly high. If the food intake versus weight gain math doesn't add up, then hit up your doctor for a check up. The usual challenge is the med lab, because "negative" test results don't mean you're not infected. However, if the lab test is "positive", the intestinal parasites are pretty easy to get rid of.

Drinking water

How do you lose weight? Upon rising, drink lots of water. Drink between one and two quarts of water BEFORE having any food, coffee, or beverage. Just drink lots of water, and THEN begin your day. It is amazing how few people actually do that. Drink more water, and you will look younger. You will lose up to 150 lbs, because things will flow out. Drink water, and you will lose weight!

Eating less

How do you lose weight? Eat less by counting calories. Eat less, and you will live longer! The older you get, the less food you need. Of course you can eat up to 5000 calories, but how many calories do you really need? No more than 1800 calories, depending on who you are. Teenagers need 1500, sedentary women need 1100, active women need 1400, sedentary men need 1600, and active men need 1800 calories per day. Eat more only if you want to build muscles. Eat less, and you will lose weight!

Carb avoidance

How do you lose weight? Eat all the proteins and fats you want, but avoid the carbs!

And don't be concerned. Fats don't make you fat, because fats can't be stored as body fat, because fats do not elicit any insulin response.

Your body will go into "ketosis" when it realizes that the carbs, the usual sources of energy, are no longer available for energy. If you stop the carbs, in approx. 48 hours your body will switch from burning carbs to burning fats, for energy.

However — before emerging with more energy, better health, and less weight — your body, while it is transitioning from carbs to fats, may give you up to two weeks of no energy. However, despite your temporary lack of energy, you need to have faith, and keep avoiding all the carbs.   ...More >>

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