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By Dr. Al Rowland

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How can you live longer? You live longer, if you choose low-calorie but nutrient-rich foods. And if you eat no more than the minimum number of calories.

Alternate day fasting

How can you live longer? You can live longer, if you practice "alternate day fasting". It's about fasting and overeating. Example: you fast on day 1, overeat on day 2, fast on day 3, overeat day 4, and so on.

What are the benefits of alternate day fasting?
  • You get pretty much all the benefits of fasting.
  • If you fast for 24 hours per every two days, you will live significantly (40.4 percent) longer!
  • If you fast for 48 hours per every three days, you will live so long that you won't believe it (you will live 56.6 percent longer)! (16)
But, are you really going to live longer? Yes, it's a scientifically proven fact that you will live longer. (2) (16)

Fasting days: Unless you make the mistake of shopping for food while you're fasting, today you actually want to fast after you overeate yesterday. Today you're a bit hungry, but used to it. Today you're feeling great. Your mental acuity is high. Today you waste no time on any food. Today you feel good about going to bed with an empty stomach. Partly because you've successfully carried out your decision to abstain from food. And partly because sleep is more peaceful when you're not digesting any food.

Feast days: Waking up after fasting days is great. You feel like your body has been reset. You feel rested and are ready to eat something. Today the food is a more interesting subject. Today it's fun to plan, shop for, prepare, and eat all kinds of foods. Today you can eat all you want, and still lose weight.

What are the risks? No one should have all-you-can-eat days. Why? Because:
  • They're opportunities to stuff your face till you can't breathe.
  • You don't want to put up with an overwhelming fatigue and tiredness every other day.
  • Overeating is wrong. Gluttony is one of the deadliest sins. Overeating can kill you. ...More >>
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