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How to track down your food allergies
Yes, you can prevent your allergies!
Yes, you can track down your food allergies!
How do you track down your food allergies?

How to eat right
How do you eat right, and who do you believe? Do you take the advice of our politicians? Or do you take the advice of USDA nutrition experts?

How to digest food better
Do you want a better body? How about a healthy rosy complexion and radiant glow? What is the acid that more than 80 percent of people are deficient in? How about the chewing, belching, gas, constipation, HCl, and inability to gain weight? You need to digest food better!

Why do I get tired after I eat carbs?
Why do I get sleepy and tired, after I eat carbohydrate foods? What is the so called post-carb letdown, and how can I avoid it?

Ten common causes of persistent morning cough
What do you do when a coughing attack occurs when you're meeting with your boss or client? Although the causes of a persistent morning cough are numerous, there are several that many people don't even consider.

The best reasons to quit smoking
Are you about to quit smoking? Feel good about it. Quitting is perfectly acceptable, and perfectly normal. Quitting smoking can help you to relax, socialize with friends, start your day, deal with frustration, overcome disappointment, after a meal, or before going to bed.

How to quit smoking
What are your basic needs in life? Nicotine, shelter, food, water, in that order? Do you smell of smoke? Do you subject yourself to the ostracism smokers have to put up with?

How to avoid food poisoning
You can avoid food poisoning, if you are careful as to what you eat and drink. You can easily avoid food poisoning, if you know what to look for. For example...

How to get food poisoning
I am not telling you to get food poisoning by consuming certain foods and drinks. However, you can get food poisoning, if you eat, and if there is an error in your judgment. For example...

How to stop taking meds safely
Do you take meds? Would you like to stop taking meds? And how do you stop taking meds safely?

How to live to be 100
How do you live to the age of 100?

How to prevent a diverticulitis attack
Do you have, or are you worried about diverticulitis or diverticulosis? How can you prevent diverticulitis? How can you prevent a mild diverticulitis attack?