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Why do I get tired after I eat carbs? Page 1 of 5

By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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Has it ever happened to you? You've just had a carb snack or meal, and now you're feeling sleepy and tired. Known as the post-carb letdown, whenever you consume carbs, you feel a short-term rush of energy, followed by a long-lasting lack of energy.


What are the carbs? They're the beers, breads, fruits, grains, ice creams, sodas, soft drinks, starches, sugars, veggies and vines. Why do we have them? Because they're...
  • Addictive. They're sweet and fun. We love them. We want them. We also think we can't live without them.

  • Cheap. Carbs can be produced for pennies. Fish and meats, on the other hand, are expensive.

  • Easy to sell. Carbs are much easier to sell than (the more expensive) proteins and fats.

  • Energy. For many people, carbs are the fuel that their body runs on. Carbs are broken down in the body by an enzyme, amylase, that turns carbs into glucose, for energy, and for feeding your cancer cells. Glucose is the fuel that cancer cells thrive on. The issue is that, in addition to your lack of energy caused by these post-carb letdowns, carbs also feed your cancer cells.

  • Love. Do you crave sweets and starchy foods? Chances are you love carbs so much that you're willing to disregard the fact that carbs bring you many bad things including cancer, (type 3) diabetes, fatty liver disease, foggy-headedness, the obesity epidemic, post-carb letdowns, and many other diseases and disorders.Do you gain weight easily? Do you feel tired, sleepy, foggy-headed? Chances are you've had a large carb meal or snack.

  • Pushed. What are the most prominently displayed foods at the entrances of most supermarkets? They're the carbs (fruits and vegetables).

  • Recommended. What are the foods recommended by nutritionists, medical doctors, talking heads and other mainstream "experts"? They're the carbs (fruits and vegetables). Why? Because those "experts" don't keep up with scientific research. And also because those "experts" were (and are) trained to represent not your interest, but the interests of Big Agra, Big Pharma and the Cancer Industry.

Simple carbs

With simple carbs, there is the unmistakeable post-carb letdown. Whenever you consume simple carbs, such as sweets and sodas, you feel a short-term rush of energy, followed by a long-lasting post-carb letdown. Why? Because in response to your rising blood sugar, and in order to regulate your blood-sugar, your body releases a rapid-acting hormone, insulin, that causes a sharp drop in your blood sugar that leaves you feeling sleepy and tired.

Complex carbs

In an effort to try to avoid these post-carb letdowns, there are many "experts" who advise you that, instead of simple carbs, you should consume complex carbs like fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies.

And, in a way they're correct because it is true that the body absorbs complex carbs more slowly. It is also true that complex carbs give us a more sustained form of energy. It is also true that complex carbs trigger the release of less insulin. It is also true that, with complex carbs, the post-carb letdowns are less intense. However, complex carbs aren't the solution either because:
  • The post-carb letdowns are still pretty obvious, still strong, and still long-lasting. For example when you eat apples, bananas, dates, dried figs, nectarines, oranges, watermelons and or whole wheat bread.

  • They contain fructose — for example berries, tree and vine fruits, and most root vegetables — and fructose is poison; it's definitely bad for you.

  • Fructose is metabolized in the liver where it is converted into fat — and you get fat.

  • The accumulation of fat in the liver leads to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

  • Fructose also gives you cancer, as well as feeds your cancer. Why? Because, of glucose, sucrose and fructose, the preferred fuel of all hepatocellular carcinomas is fructose. ...More >>

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