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How to prevent a mild diverticulitis attack, page 1 of 3

By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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Do you have diverticulitis or diverticulosis?
Are you worried about diverticulitis or diverticulosis?
How do you prevent mild diverticulitis attacks?

What is diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis is the presence of small, bulging sacs or pouches in the inner lining of the (large) intestine.

What is diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis means the combination of two things. One, diverticulosis. And two, the bulging sacs or pouches in the inner lining of the intestine become inflamed and/or infected — usually because small pieces of stool (feces) become trapped in these pouches, causing an infection or inflammation.

What do medical doctors say?

The typical medical doctors will tell you that diverticulosis is very common. They will tell you that it's found in more than half of Americans over the age of 60.

However, the typical medical doctor doesn't know, or pretends not to know, what causes the sacs and pouches that form about the colon.

The typical medical doctor blames diverticulis on constipation, hard stools, the strain when passing stools, and the pressure that this strain creates in the intestines — which they blame on the low-fiber, processed foods — such as white rice, white bread, breakfast cereals, crackers, and pretzels — that many Americans tend to eat.

What causes constipation?

It is generally true that the processed foods that many Americans eat cause constipation, hard stools and strain when passing stools. However, the typical medical doctor knows little or nothing about nutrition, therefore it would be wrong to assume that — just because he (or she) says so — the one and only reason for one's constipation is the "low-fiber diet", or the "lack of dietary fiber". ...More >>

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