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How to buy tickets for less
How do you buy theater tickets? What do you need to watch out for? How do you get the best tickets at the lowest possible prices?

How to get what you want
You need to ask, and keep asking. And why is it that you're not getting what you want?

How to exploit opportunities
Lots of people have opportunities, but when Fortune is knocking, they don't answer the call! So what can you do? Be ready! Answer the call! Exploit opportunities! But, how do you exploit opportunities?

How to get rich fast
Yes, you can do it! Yes, you can get rich fast, because many have succeeded before you! The following additional techniques will significantly increase your chances to get rich fast...

How to pick up chicks
To pick up chicks, and how do you approach them? Are you unable to approach chicks, because you don't know what to say?

How to find your soulmate
Are you single or married? How do you find your soulmate? Do you have a soulmate?

How to advertise for love
How do you advertise for love? How about you? Why don't you advertise yourself?

How to tell your friend is using you
Do you have a friend who keeps taking advantage of you? Some friends don't realize your time and help are valuable. Some friends also don't understand what friendship is, and what it is you want.

How to know if a friend is using you
Why is it a challenge trying to separate users and real friends? Because there are very few who meet the definition of the real friend. And because real friendship falls right up there with a level of love that is as powerful as the bond of a family. So how do you separate users and real friends?

How to pick up women
To pick up women, how do you approach them? Are you unable to approach them, because you don't know what to say?