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How to advertise for love, page 1 of 2

By Dr. Larry Vanlandingham

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Why advertise?

How to advertise for love? And why advertise?
Because advertising works. And because I believe the advertising media is a highly important social utility that can successfully connect you with potential friends and others who work, study or live around you.

What is the media?

How to advertise for love? First off, you need to find a suitable advertising media. Once you find it, the next big question is, "What do I say and how do I say it?" In other words, "How to advertise for love?"

What do you say?

To answer these questions, I am going to give you a few ideas on how to advertise for love. In other words, if I advertised, I would word my ad as follows:

How to write the header

How to advertise for love? Be careful as to what you say in the header. Because the header is the most important part of an ad. In the header you should attract the reader's attention. For example, "Well-Dressed Man/Woman, Tall, Dark/Blond Hair, Blue Eyes." However, there are many other possibilities as to calling attention to yourself in your ad.

How to write the ad copy

In your ad copy, say something about yourself and your goals. For example, "I am a man/woman in my late 30s. Tall, dark/blond hair, blue eyes. I work full-time and would like to make the most of my spare time."

How to talk about your relationships

How to advertise for love? Say something about your relationships to others; and this can include pets. For example, "I love cats/dogs; and they always love me back because they sense my friendliness, and because they adore my gentle hands. I adore them because they're quiet, gentle, soft and clean."   ...More >>

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