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By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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Yes, you CAN get rich fast. Why? Because:
  • There have been many that succeeded before you;
  • Change can happen in an instant;
  • Fast wealth grows exponentially, not linearly;
  • Your real golden years are your years of youth; and
  • Getting rich slow would require a lifetime of gainful employment, which would be a losing game, subject to the unpredictable ups and downs of Wall Street.
So, how can you get rich fast? The following techniques will definitely increase your chances of getting rich fast:


Develop an interest in and learn about antiques. Spend a few bucks on a trinket at a garage sale, estate sale, or antiques store.

Then discover it's worth more than what you paid for it. A lot more, six million bucks more. When you pay only a few bucks for a near-perfect 600 year old vase at a garage sale, estate sale, or antiques store, you will get rich fast!


How can you get rich fast? Choose carefully, and choose a career that pays, regardless how well the economy is doing. Attend school for 20 years, accumulate lots of debts, get good jobs, and work long hours. If you're able to get good jobs with high salaries, as well as keep those jobs, then you will get rich fast!


How can you get rich fast? Get interested in blackjack, also known as '21'. Are you aware that in blackjack your odds are approximately 50 percent?

Learn the rules of '21', then head to Nevada where, with 3 shifts and 100 casinos, you'll have (3 * 100 =) 300 chances to get rich fast.

Once in Nevada, take large risks! Why? Because, assuming you start very young, you can afford to take large risks. And because, with 300 chances, you can get rich fast!


How can you get rich fast? Get interested in the Internet. Why? Because there are many web sites that, in return for your $500, will teach you how to make $5,000 per day.

If you send them your $500, then they will tell you all of their secrets on how to get rich fast. And, if they could get rich fast, then so can you!

Once you know their secrets, then set up one of those web sites where you will be the one asking for money, where you will get rich off foolish folks who part with their $500. If you build a great web site, and if you get lots of traffic, then you will get rich fast!

Large cap stocks

How can you get rich fast? Become interested in one or two large, respectable, publicly traded companies like Boeing, McDonald's and Nike. Invest heavily in one or two of them, as well as stick with them over the long haul!

Start early in life, set aside 30 per cent of your salary (or income), year after year, every year! Why? Because when you buy and hold their stocks for 10, 20, or even 30 years, the payoffs are huge! You will get rich fast! Why? Because inflation will make your investments grow by leaps and bounds. Why? Because, contrary to what you think, the real rate of appreciation is not 1 or 2%, but up to 25% per year.

If you choose carefully, if you don't diversify, if you buy during recessions when prices are low, if you avoid day trading, if you never sell, if you avoid debt, you will get rich fast! ...More >>

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