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How to pick up women, page 1 of 7

By Dr. Larry Vanlandingham

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How can you pick up women?
When you want to pick up women, how can you approach them, and what can you say?

Approach her

The best way to pick up the woman of your dreams is to walk up to her and say "Hi".

Approaching women can make all the difference in the world. Whether you're walking down a busy street, riding the train, or out at a nightclub, see every moment in the world as a chance to meet new women. On a regular basis, take the risk of saying "Hi" to women you don't know. You need to talk to them, so make a habit of talking to strangers.

How can you get started? Create a specific plan. Make it your goal to talk to one stranger a day, every day, for 30 days. It's easier than you think. Just say "Hi". And, even if she keeps walking, your job is done for the day.

Ask a question

Approach her during the day when she doesn't have her bitch shield. However, there is no need to limit yourself to daylight hours. It's far more important that you approach her. Either in the daytime, or at night. Why? Because if you don't approach her, you won't get anywhere!

How can you pick up women? You need to ask a question that requires an answer. Ask a question that requires an answer. At a bar or club, even the following unsophisticated questions will work:
"Hi! Your drink looks horrible, is that any good?"
"Dude, what's up with your bright pink shirt, it hurts my eyes!"

Bars and clubs

How can you pick up women? Bars and clubs are not the best places to pick up women. Go to bars and clubs, if it's easy for you to speak above the noise. if you want one-night stands, if you want loud, disgusting, maggoty chicks who stink of cigarette smoke and booze. ...More >>

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