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How to pick up chicks, page 1 of 3

By Dr. Larry Vanlandingham

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Be composed

How can you pick up chicks? Be composed. Be like a captain who knows exactly where he is going, and what his purpose is.

Be erect

How can you pick up chicks? Don't slouch. Be erect. Maintain an erect posture at all times. It makes you look taller, prevents beer belly, and increases self-confidence. Being erect is the number one requirement when you're a man.

Be laid back

How can you pick up chicks? Be laid back and nonchalant about the pick up. Believe you're just messing around, and your number one priority is to have fun. Flirt, tease, be slightly cocky, or use sarcasm with a wry smile thrown in, so that she knows you're just messing around.

Or, pretend you're speaking to an old friend.

If she says something that you disagree with, tell her, but don't be mean and don't take offense. Just rationalize your opinion, and tease her, with a wry smile of course, how she's not cool, if she doesn't agree with you.

Be racist

How can you pick up chicks? Be racist, and pick up only foreign chicks, because if you taste that exotic poon, you will never again touch the White Western Whale without gagging. Because, compared to your usual 15-dollar steak, the exotic poon is a 50-dollar Big Mac.

Entertain yourself

How can you pick up chicks? Your attitude can make all the difference. Start believing you're not dependent on the outcome of the conversation. Start believing you don't care, if you have her attraction or not. Start believing you're there to entertain yourself, and whatever happens, happens. ...More >>

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