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How to find your soulmate
Are you single or married? Do you have a soul mate? How can you find your soul mate?

How to lower your sex drive
Do you have an abnormally high libido (sex drive)? How do you lower your abnormally high sex drive?

How to advertise for love
How do you advertise for love? How about you? Why don't you advertise yourself?

How to tell if your friend is using you
Do you have a friend who keeps taking advantage of you? Some friends don't realize your time and help are valuable. Some friends also don't understand what friendship is, and what it is you want.

How to recycle houses
When you recycle houses, you can make a lot of money! You can also improve the neighborhood. But what is your game plan? How do you meet the needs of potential buyers in the neighborhood? Those needs depend on the income, location, and even the neighborhood itself.

How to avoid food poisoning
You can avoid food poisoning, if you are careful as to what you eat and drink. You can easily avoid food poisoning, if you know what to look for. For example...

How to deal with your bad neighbors
Do you have a noise Nazi neighbor? Does she yell at you, or bang on your wall, door, or ceiling for nearly anything? If the answer is 'yes', then how do you teach her a lesson? How do you have fun at her expense, instead of being stressed about her all the time?

How to know if a friend is using you
Why is it a challenge trying to separate users and real friends? Because there are very few who meet the definition of the real friend. And because real friendship falls right up there with a level of love that is as powerful as the bond of a family. So how do you separate users and real friends?

How to tell your friend is a deadbeat dad
Deadbeat dad is a derogatory term used by child support agencies for a male parent who fails to pay child support. A large percentage of child support cases start out as paternity fraud. What is paternity fraud?

How to bring up geeks
Are your parenting methods robbing from your children their most treasured possession — the sweet innocence of youth? Of course, you want your kids to be the best, but how are you bringing them up? Are you making them geeks? How to bring up geeks?

How to avoid sex
Your body keeps producing testosterone, the testosterone you produce is natural, therefore sex is natural. However, if you make a bit of an effort, you can avoid sex. The followings are natural, easy to remember things you can do to avoid sex completely...

How to get food poisoning
I am not telling you to get food poisoning by consuming certain foods and drinks. However, you can get food poisoning, if you eat, and if there is an error in your judgment. For example...

How to eat right
How to eat right, and who do you believe? Do you take the advice of our politicians? Or do you take the advice of USDA nutrition experts?