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How to deal with your bad neighbors, page 1 of 7

By Dr. Larry Vanlandingham

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How do you deal with your bad neighbors?
Do they YELL at you, or BANG on your ceiling for nearly everything?
How do you deal with your bad neighbors?
And how do you have FUN at their expense?

Who are your neighbors?

Your home is your exclusive space with many roles, from escape, comfort zone, to rest and recreation. It just isn't right when nasty, obnoxious, disrespectful, bad neighbors encroach on it, and make your life intolerable.

I have a couple of bad neighbors I have to deal with. They live upstairs from me. They're a pair of impoverished, ugly, unkempt, unemployed, complete losers on permanent welfare; they're a couple of unreasonable, unsuccessful, negative, oversensitive, crazy old bitches who are addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs.

The worse their behavior became, the more I felt the pressure to deal with them. I concluded that until I found a solution, my home was not mine, and my home life was not good, at all!

The issue was, I couldn't deal with their constant criticism, the banging, the pounding on my ceiling, in the middle of the night. And, most importantly, I couldn't deal with my own sleep deficit!

The noise Nazis

How about YOU? How do YOU deal with noise Nazis?

My bad neighbors are oversensitive. They're incredibly sensitive to noise, even to the smallest possible noise. Regardless how quiet I am — and I am quiet. I read, surf the Web, cook, bake, and converse with friends. However, whatever I'm doing, and regardless how quietly I'm doing it, it's too noisy for them. Examples:
  • They can't deal with my alarm clock. To them, the tick, tick, tick sound of my alarm clock is too noisy.
  • They can't deal with my wrist watch. Whenever it beeps, it's more than enough reason for them to raise their voices, start pounding on my ceiling, and send those dingbats straight into a mental rant.
Of course they shouldn't overreact to the slightest possible noise, but they do! Those crazy miserable bitches are really-really unreasonable! Do they qualify as noise Nazis? Yes, they do! Why? Because they:
  1. Persistently complain and yell in an annoying manner,
  2. Continuously find fault in all aspects of every given situation, and
  3. Violently demonstrate rage and frustration; usually in a sudden outburst of ill temper. They're
  4. Impossible to please. I can play music on the lowest volume, tiptoe about like a ballerina, and those miserable hags upstairs still find something to complain about. And, of course, they're bothersome and annoying!
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