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By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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Be strict

How to bring up geeks? Make your kids attend the best schools that money can buy. The best schools where the teachers are strict and sadistic, where the course loads are excessive, where only the hardest working students survive, and all others get kicked out.

To bring up geeks, ensure your kids keep up with all the school work, and get the very best grades.

Is your kid a geek?

Your kid is a geek when he (or she) is single-minded in scientific or technical pursuits, but socially inept.

Geeks learn technical skills due to the spare time and energy they've got from being generally neglected.

Their technical knowledge then leads the other kids to neglect them even further, leading to additional development of their technical skills, followed by more neglect. And this vicious cycle drives geeks even more into social oblivion.


How to bring up geeks? Systematically rob your kids of their childhood. Keep them busy with school work all the time.

Give them so much work that, even if they work from dawn to dusk, they're barely able to satisfy the demands of their professors.


How to bring up geeks? In the unlikely event your kids have any time left, motivate them to take additional classes for extra credit.

Or, if there are no additional classes, then make them learn to play the violin, the wind chimes, or some other interesting instrument that looks good, sounds good, but pretty much useless later in life.


How to bring up geeks? Prohibit pretty much all contact with the opposite sex. Allow your kids neither dating nor socializing. ...More >>

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