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How to create a police state, page 1 of 9

By Boris Prezlocki

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Your country

Q: What is a police state, and how do you create a police state?

A: Some countries are police states. One example is the mythical country of Zugoland where...
  • People live in fear of the police;
  • People are afraid to talk politics;
  • The police can stop and frisk you for little or no reason;
  • The police can detain you without any charge or trial,
  • The police can violate your privacy; they can place wiretaps without getting court orders,
  • The police can arrest you, if you say something, or if you just joke about something.
  • Police permits are required before you can protest in public places, where the protesters are regularly attacked by the police.
Q: What do you do, if you're a law-abiding private citizen of the mythical country of Zugoland, and if your state is a police state?

A: Unless there are special circumstances, if you want to survive or prosper, then you don't really have a choice but live and work in a police state.

Q: It you're a (corrupt) Zugoland politician, why do you create and maintain a police state?

A: If you want to accomplish your often unpopular political goals, then you have little or no choice but create and maintain a police state.

Your lawmakers

Q: If you're a (corrupt) politician of the mythical country of Zugoland, or if you're a local, state, or federal lawmaker of the mythical country of Zugoland, how do you create and maintain a police state?

A: If you're a (corrupt) Zugoland politician, or local, state, or federal lawmaker, you need to write...
  • Increasingly tougher laws against law-abiding private citizens;
  • Increasingly more laws in favor of the police; and
  • Increasingly more laws that make increasingly more private citizens into criminals. ...More >>
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