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Make them socialize with YOUR peers, not theirs. Make them learn early in life that socializing is no fun. After all, if you were them, how much fun would it be for you to socialize every week with no one but the peers of your parents?

Your payback

When you bring up geeks, you are able to brag about them, their good grades and academic excellence.

This way you can feel mighty proud of them. You can say, "Look at my kids! Aren't they smart? They attend the best schools, and are getting the best grades!"

Your second payback

When you bring up geeks, you can appear to be the model parent who provides the best education that money can buy.

This way you can make it look like you're doing everything you can! And in the best interest of your kids, of course!

Your third payback

When you bring up geeks, when your kids are kept busy-busy by the school system, your job of raising kids is so much easier!

On the long run

On the long run, however, when you bring up geeks, any benefits your kids receive are only temporary. Because neither formal education nor hard work will guarantee success. Because today's education prepares your kids for no more than a few years of productive work after graduation.

And then, after a few years in the real world, the world will change, technology will change, the economy will change, and your kids' academic knowledge will be pretty much obsolete.

Then, at that point, what are your kids supposed to have? At that point the only thing your kids will have is a glaring lack of social skills, which will haunt them for the rest of their lives!

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