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How to avoid food poisoning, page 1 of 5

By Dr.Clay Appleberry

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Food poisoning is a lot more common than most us realize. Why? Because many of us incorrectly attribute our symptoms to flu.

However, you can avoid food poisoning, if you know what to look for, and if you know what foods and substances you need to avoid.


How can you avoid food poisoning? Drink with your foods. The more you drink, the better you're protected.

Are you aware that alcohol can protect you from food poisoning? In the laboratory, alcohol kills Salmonella, Shigella, and E-coli. (4)

Therefore, if you drink with your foods, you can avoid, or at least lower your risk of, food poisoning. (1) (5) (6) (7)

How much should you drink? The protective effect of alcohol is the strongest if you drink more than 40 grams of it. In one experiment the rate of food poisoning was 95% when the test subjects didn't drink at all, 78% when they drank less than 40 grams of alcohol, and 54% when they drank more than 40 grams of alcohol. (2)

Therefore, the more you drink, the better your protection. The higher the alcoholic content of your beverage, the more protective it's against food poisoning. (3)

However, alcohol will also make you look older as well as give you cancer and many other diseases.

Apple seeds

How can you avoid food poisoning? You can avoid food poisoning, if you don't eat any apple seeds. Or, if you don't chew them up. Why? Because, if you do chew them up, they can be fatal.

If we assume the lethal dose of hydrogen cyanide is 300 ppm (parts per million), then between 5,000 and 7,000 apple seeds are needed to generate 50 mg of hydrogen cyanide.

Example: One man died of cyanide poisoning, after he ate one teacup of apple seeds.

Apricot kernels

How can you avoid food poisoning? You can avoid food poisoning, if you don't eat more than 20 apricot kernels (if you are a child), or 40 apricot kernels (if you are an adult). Why? Because 50 to 70 apricot kernels are usually fatal.

Why? Because they contain cyanogenetic glycosides, which on ingestion release hydrogen cyanide gas through an enzymatic reaction. The amount of amygdalin — the most important cyanogenetic glycoside — is about 8 percent.

Apricot kernel poisoning occurs mainly in children. Probably because, to a child, the apricot kernel appears to be harmless. ...More >>

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