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By Nevin Struckmeyer

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This apt article is based on my personal experience. After hiring and firing many hosting companies in the last 15 years I've developed a set of screening criterion that works very well. I'm positive that, when you choose hosting, my set of screening criterion is going to work for you, too.

Avoid GoDaddy!

How can you choose hosting? It's a challenge to choose hosting because there are...
  • Many bad hosting companies and
  • Many unscrupulous affiliates that promote the bad hosting companies.
How can you choose hosting? To avoid potential problems, avoid GoDaddy and all the companies associated with GoDaddy! Why? Because GoDaddy sucks. So, avoid GoDaddy and their affiliates and alternative identities, including Domain875, Domain Control, Domains by Proxy, Domains Priced Right, eCheap Domains, Fast Turtle Technologies, Real Cheap Domain Register and Wild West Domains. Why? Because they're terrible.

Background checks

How can you choose hosting? To avoid potential problems, you need to do your due diligence before you choose hosting. Don't buy from any hosting company that hides behind a private mail box (PMB) or P.O. Box address! In other words, before choosing hosting, check them out! For example:
  • Use corporate registries and business directories;
  • Use Dun & Bradstreet directories;
  • Use general information sites on the Internet;
  • Use map and satellite photo sites; and
  • Use U.S. and international telephone directories!
The street view of Google Maps is excellent!

Big means bad

How can you choose hosting? When you want to avoid potential problems, you don't want to buy from hosting companies that are big.

It's a myth that the bigger the hosting company, the better their hosting service is. In my experience, the truth is just the opposite. The bigger the hosting company, the more likely it is that their hosting service is bad, poor, unpleasant, or upsetting.

Never allow the (big) size of the hosting company to influence your hiring decision. Bigger is definitely not better. Beware of hosting companies, for example GoDaddy, that keep saying that their size should be the main reason for choosing them. ...More >>

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