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How to tell if MODx sucks, page 1 of 3

By Nevin Struckmeyer

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How do you tell if MODx sucks? The author concludes MODx sucks because of an enormous security risk, an extreme complexity, and an extreme lack of documentation.

About MODx

MODx is an open-source software project. MODx is a content management software (CMS) for your web site. MODx has many-many competitors, including Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.


In all fairness, we should give credit when credit is due. Because the MODx programmers are working on something. Because they are not getting paid. And because the MODx source code is yours for the taking. However...

How much is your time worth?

Let's consider how much your time is worth. I believe MODx sucks because it's an enormous waste of time. MODx is free only if your time is worthless. I believe MODx sucks because it is extremely time-consuming to get up to speed on MODx. I believe MODx sucks because they offer no support. I believe MODx sucks because they're little or no help. Or, if they help, they act like they're doing you a favor. I believe MODx sucks because you're better off if you get a commercial CMS (content management software) with a thousand-dollar price tag; because then you're going to get full-time tech support, for free.

MODx advertisers

How do you tell if MODx sucks?
Let's consider the hosting of your site when you're trying to use MODx. I believe MODx sucks because MODx makes all of their money from advertising. I believe MODx sucks because their advertisers — who are often hosting companies — have more red flags than Red China. I believe MODx sucks because very few hosting companies will support MODx. Hosting companies will work for you fine, if you rarely ever need any service from them. But, with MODx, service is inevitable. And, thanks to MODx, you will need A LOT MORE service than any other webmaster. And when you need service from the hosting company that MODx advertises, they won't be there for you!

MODx annoyances

How do you tell if MODx sucks?
How would you like to spend the rest of your life worrying about the constant chore of updates? I believe MODx sucks because, for security reasons, you have to keep updating it. I believe MODx sucks because they make it hard for us, end users, to update our sites. I believe MODx sucks because the programmers associated with MODx are in the annoying habit of constantly making changes. They make MODx increasingly more complex. And they pay very little or no attention to user documentation. I believe MODx sucks because, in my experience, most of the time you don't even know how to perform those chores. Or, if you do, chances are you won't know how to handle the many-many unexpected MODx bugs and error messages. ...More >>

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