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Big means spammer

How can you choose hosting? To avoid any potential problem, don't buy from a hosting company that is big. Why? Because big is bad. And because the bigger the hosting company, for example GoDaddy, the more likely it's used by spammers. Why? Because some of their customers are spammers. Therefore pretty much everyone will assume that you're a spammer, too.


How do you hire a hosting company? To avoid potential problems, don't hire any hosting company that is located in Bulgaria. Why? Because what counts are not the advertisements, the affiliates, the links, and the companies that promote them, but the actual Bulgarians who provide the hosting.

Don't get taken by appearances! There are many foreign hosting companies that pretend to be American. There is a bunch of hosting companies, for example HostColor and ICDSoft, whose addresses are but mail drops. All they have are Private Mail Box (PMB) and P.O. Box addresses in the United States.

ICDSoft, for example, is a Bulgarian company with an unknown address, and unknown phone number, somewhere in Bulgaria. If you do a WHOIS search on ICDSoft, you will find nothing. All of their names, addresses and contact information are fully redacted. Why? Because they want to continue to pretend that they're American.

In my experience, price-wise, the Bulgarians are not too bad. They host for a bit less, and are able to host for a bit less, because the vast majority of Bulgarians in Bulgaria tend to work for peanuts.

In my experience, the Bulgarians are slow in following trends in new IT technologies, therefore, they do not have what you really want. What they do have in excess is a surprising amount of bad attitude. Their attitudes are so bad, so negative, that it is unbelievable. If you're smart, you don't touch them -- not even with a six-foot pole. If you're smart, you avoid them as much as possible. The issue is, their negativity is counter-productive as well as highly contagious.

Cheap means lousy

How do you hire a hosting company?

Issue: Many of us, customers, are attracted to low prices. However, to avoid potential problems, you shouldn't buy from hosting companies, like GoDaddy, that are cheap. Why? A) because cheap means lousy. And B) because saving up to ten bucks per year isn't worth the aggravation, the frustration, the inconvenience, the loss of your digital files, the loss of your domain names, the loss of your email messages, and the stressful situations that you encounter.

Never allow the low price to influence your hiring decision. Beware of hosting companies, for example GoDaddy, that have bargain-basement prices. Especially beware of them, if they say their low-low price should be the main reason for hiring them.

Check references

How do you hire a hosting company? To avoid potential problems, don't buy from hosting companies with customer service issues. Before you buy, know the technical stuff you want, check references and check with sites that they currently host. ...More >>

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