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How to build muscles, page 1 of 3

By Dr. Sven Sandors

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How do you build muscles? To build muscles, you will need neither commercial protein mixes, nor supplements. And you shouldn't copy the top bodybuilders' routines.

Your drive to succeed

How do you build muscles? In bodybuilding, some of the most important issues are: Have the drive and dedication to succeed! Be focused and goal oriented! Love what you do! And never give up on your dreams!

How quickly do you recover?

How do you build muscles? One important question in bodybuilding is, "How quickly do you recover after your workout?"

The number of DAYS you need for recovery will vary, depending on your genetic makeup, nutritional status, the number of your sets, the rest intervals between your sets, the intensity of your workouts, and the variety of exercises you perform:
  • Beginners, young as well as elite bodybuilders are usually able to build muscles fast, and make a rapid progress, because they can recover in one or two days.

  • Young bodybuilders on average are usually able to recover in three or four days.

  • However, there are many other ordinary bodybuilders whose muscles are still sore after five, ten, or fifteen days. Why? Because they have less robust recovery systems, or more stressful lives. For example, they work rotating shifts, or night shifts. Or may be because they're having a particular stretch in their lives.
The issue is that, if you recover up to five times slower than the elite bodybuilders, then your progress will be five times slower than theirs.


If you're unable to recover overnight, if you still feel sore after many days, then you need to wait till your muscles have completely healed. Why? Because overtraining will do more harm than good!   ...More >>

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