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Don't ignore the red flags!

How can you choose hosting? To avoid potential problems, don't ignore the red flags! When you're about to choose hosting, one recurring issue is the existence of many bad hosting companies and the many unscrupulous affiliates that keep promoting them.

The unscrupulous affiliates will trick you. They will give you long lists of questionable hosting companies — including GoDaddy. They will also call your attention to one or two hosting companies that are less bad than the other bad hosting companies.

There are way too many unscrupulous affiliates that keep pushing the many bad hosting companies. Example: One affiliate says, "Go Daddy is big, so among the millions of satisfied customers, surely there will be a few who will complain about them." In response to that argument I will say, "Come on, dude! Go Daddy has more red flags than Red China. And, to ignore 8,000 red flags would be foolish. The best hosting companies haven't got any red flags."

Google them!

How can you choose hosting? To avoid potential problems, Google the hosting company. Google them because Google searches reflect the experiences of millions of end users like you. For example, Google "GoDaddy sucks" or "Go Daddy sucks", including the quotation marks. If you get 8,000 hits, then GoDaddy has received 8,000 too many complaints. And it isn't true that "some customers always complain". Keep in mind that the best hosting companies don't receive complaints.

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I don't recommend GoDaddy. Spread the word! Link to this article! That should get this page bumped up in Google, when people are searching for GoDaddy. So, to avoid potential problems, link to us! And link to this article!

No phone number?

How can you choose hosting? To avoid potential problems, don't buy from a hosting company, if they refuse to give you their phone number.

One hosting company keeps saying, "We promise to respond within 15 minutes on all support tickets." In response to that you might say, "Come on, dude! Even if you do respond within 15 minutes, what good will that do, if your response is negative, or if you don't have the very much needed positive attitude, and the right technical skills?

Before you hire them, do chat with them for a few minutes! Get their phone number! It's a red flag, if they refuse to give you their phone number. Why? Because you can't trust a hosting company that takes your money, but not your phone calls! ...More >>

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