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Carbs and aging

Do you want to age faster? Of course you don't. However, just about all carb foods contain fiber. And the more fiber you eat, the faster your bowels age, and the sooner you get colon cancer. (3) (4) (5) (6)

Carbs and colon cancer

Do you want colon cancer? Of course you don't. However, carbs contain fiber, and excessive fiber causes colon cancer. It's a myth that fiber decreases colon cancer.

The truth is that:
  • Fiber increases the incidence of colon cancer. And
  • Epidemiological research is misleading, because it supports the myth that dietary fiber is beneficial. Thanks to these and many other research papers, fiber consumption linked to a lowered risk of colon cancer. (5) (6) (7) (8)
However, when tested in a lab, in controlled intervention trials, when researchers simply added fiber supplements to an otherwise consistent diet, they were unable to prove that fiber decreases colon cancer. (9) (10) (12)

Carbs and diseases

Do you want cavities, gum disease and osteoporosis? Of course you don't! So, avoid carbs!

Why? Because there is a large body of evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that carbs destroy your gums, teeth, bones and health.

Why? Because carbs often contain fructose or sucrose; and both fructose and sucrose are poisons. The issue is, neither sucrose nor fructose comes with any warning label. They aren't controlled substances. However, they poison you without regard to their control status.

How do they work? They work like drugs. They're a lot of fun. They get you high. They also make you crash and burn. They disrupt your sleep, they damage your teeth and bones. They crowd out many needed nutrients from your system. They even crowd out your teeth.

A diet of carbs is a lot like a diet of drugs. Why? Because they cause a lot of harm. Think of atherosclerosis, blood sugar fluctuations, candida, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, dizziness, fatigue, feelings of dopiness, food cravings, gum diseases, headache, hunger pain, excessive appetite, nervousness, prostate cancer, sleepiness, stroke, tooth decay, weight gain and obesity.   ...More >>

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