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How to tell if your friend is a deadbeat dad, page 1 of 4

By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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"Deadbeat dad" is a derogatory term given to guys who fail to pay child support. You're a "deadbeat dad" if a family court says so. However, family courts are twisted. They're biased towards women. Therefore, if you're a guy, and if you're summoned to a family court, you're going to lose ALL of your money and EACH of your kids.

Bad legal precedents

Family courts are twisted. In part because there are many bad laws. In part because there are many bad legal precedents. And in part because — based on the many bad laws and many bad legal precedents — family courts base your child support payments on your imputed (ficticious) income.

Bureaucratic insensitivity

What if you become disabled? Or, what if you lose your high-paying job? Take a guess. Yes, you're still going to be liable for the high monthly payments of child support.

Theoretically you can petition the court for an adjustment. However, in practice, the courts often ignore your disability, often ignore your unemployment situation, and often demand that you get a high-income job, even when it's obvious that you can't get one, because of a disability.

The courts often pretend that you have a high income job, even when you're unemployed because of a bona fide disability. And then, based on your imputed (fictitious) income, they can and are going to jail you, if you can't pay child support.

However, jailing you for non-payment, or having public campaigns naming and shaming you, are usually ineffective and fraught with error, especially when your identification is incorrect.

Government actions

Governments don't really care, if you're the biological father or not. They don't care if the child support payments are fair, just, and equitable. They don't care if their demands are right or wrong. They see you as nothing more than a source of money for the child. They just want some money from someone, anyone. Therefore they work with your former girl friend. And, at the same time, they work against you.

Did you know that if they ever label you a "deadbeat dad", your state will revoke your passport, and suspend your business, contractor, and drivers licenses?

However, such arbitrary actions are usually counter-productive because, if, for example, they suspend your drivers license, how are you going to be able to go to work? And, how are you going to get your basic necessities, such as food and clothes?

And, if they suspend your business and contractor licenses, how are you going to be able to get jobs in the first place?   ...More >>

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