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How to dissuade a friend from cancer surgery, page 1 of 5

By Dr. Larry Vanlandingham

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Cancer surgery

How do you dissuade a friend from cancer surgery?
  • What do you say when he's about to go under the knife?
  • The surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow!
  • How do you tell him that submitting to the surgery isn't in his best interest?
Or, is it already too late? I learned about it only today!

Doctors do harm

If you're a well-informed medical consumer, you're aware that during prostate cancer surgeries medical doctors do more harm than good. (8)

They turn your benign, harmless, slow-growing, tiny tumors into killers. (1) (2) (3) (4) (10)

However, what do you say when you realize — and this is a problem with the older generation — your friend and his wife are amazingly naive and uninformed on health issues — they worship medical doctors, they trust their doctor too much, and they eat up everything their doctor says?

Dubious doctors

Well-informed medical consumers don't trust medical doctors who are in the business of selling dubious cancer treatments. Why? Because a considerable body of evidence proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that their dubious cancer treatments — including prostate cancer surgeries — do more harm than good.

What seems to be the problem here? The problem is that today's medical doctors are:
  • Businessmen first, and doctors second;
  • Can't cure anything at all; they just treat your symptoms;
  • Can't cure cancer with their knives, poisons and radiation;
  • Chiefly want to sell you medical procedures you don't need;
  • Don't even know how to cure cancer;
  • Don't even know where cancer comes from; and
  • Are ignorant as to cutting edge scientific research. It's a shame and a crime that many docs aren't up to speed with the research.

Dubious cancer treatments

The issue is, medical doctors selling cancer treatments shouldn't be trusted. Why? Because, in the pursuit of health, they:
  • Over-diagnose and make you sick (10)
  • Over-treat your prostate cancer. (1) (2) (3) (4)
  • Turn your benign, slow-growing, tiny tumors into killers.
  • Study after study proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that given the overall low death risk, the best choice is not prostate cancer surgery, but watchful waiting. Instead of panicking, if you're diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should see it as a wake-up call. Not a wake-up call to schedule the prostate cancer surgery, but a wake-up call to improve your health.
  • What helps is exercise and healthier foods. Therefore you want to exercise more and eat healthier foods. What will extend your life are the additional exercise and the healthier foods — not the cancer surgery! (2) (3)
Therefore, my friend shouldn't submit to prostate cancer surgery.   ...More >>

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