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Thanks to a diet of glutens, GMOs, refined sugar, chemical additives, sedentary lifestyle and poor stool habits, my friend's prostate has enlarged with age. The bigger it's getting, the more likely that some of it will turn cancerous. However, as of today it's not cancerous.

When you're a well-informed medical consumer, you're aware that a somewhat larger size prostate is perfectly normal for older men. And you're also aware that a prostate of a somewhat larger size is NOT a good enough reason for prostate cancer surgery.

Therefore, he shouldn't submit to prostate cancer surgery.

Free prostate cancer screens

If you're a typical guy who makes the mistake of responding to an ad in the paper for free prostate cancer screens, you will die well before your time because — even when there is no proof of cancer — the typical medical doctor will sell you the PSA test, the needle biopsy test, the prostate surgery, the radiation therapy, and many other medical procedures that will systematically destroy you and your immune system. (8)

Thanks to today's medical doctors, many men succumb to impotence, incontinence, heart attacks and death from the treatment of tiny tumors, or no tumors, that never would've killed them in the first place. (10)

From health to sickness

It's easy to go from health to sickness and death, and it's very likely that you will go from health to sickness and death, if you suffer from UTI or BHP, and if you trust medical doctors too much. Because, using the issue of UTI or BHP, your medical doctor will order you a needle biopsy. Which, in turn, will lead to prostate cancer surgery. And, during your prostate cancer surgery your medical doctor will turn your benign, harmless, slow-growing, tiny tumors into killers. (1) (2) (3) (4)

Therefore, my friend shouldn't submit to prostate cancer surgery.

Harmless tumors

The issue is, the typical needle biopsy will find tiny, harmless tumors in your prostate. However, that is when you should stop messing with your prostate. Why? Because having a few benign, harmless, slow-growing, tiny tumors is not a good enough reason for the prostate cancer surgery.

Therefore, my friend shouldn't submit to prostate cancer surgery.

My friend's biggest mistake was his initial visit to a medical doctor, who exploited my friend's panic, ignorance and confusion. Instead of simply treating my friend's UTI, he sold him the MRI scan, the needle biopsy, and the prostate cancer surgery. ...More >>

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