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Meats and animal proteins

How can you prevent breast cancer? There are many who believe that you should avoid ALL acid foods.

However, as explained here and here:
  • You do need protein foods;
  • Animal foods, e.g. egg yolks and sardines, are the most nutritious foods on the planet, and
  • What you really need to avoid are the packaged acid foods.
So, how can you prevent breast cancer? Avoid packaged acid foods, and you will prevent breast cancer.

Medical doctors (MDs)

How can you prevent your (breast) cancer? Avoid, as much as possible, all medical doctors, and you will prevent your (breast) cancer. Why? Because:
  • First off, they mislead you when they call themselves doctors. They don't have any doctorate degree in anything. They avoid doctorate degree programs. Their degree is just a bachelors degree. If you're familiar with academia, you are aware of the following rule: before you can enroll in any doctorate degree program, first you have to have to your masters degree. And, with their bachelors degrees, the vast majority of MDs can't even get into any doctorate degree program.

  • They also mislead you when they say they're "cancer experts". How could they be any "experts", when they don't even know where cancer comes from, and what causes cancer?

  • They also mislead you when they talk about "evidence-based medicine". Because, for them, "evidence-based medicine" is code for their "standard treatments" that were selected by committees that neither love, nor care about you.

  • They pretend and only pretend to help you. Why? Because due to their fear of being sued, they give you nothing but their "standard treatment", even when it's obvious that their "standard treatment" is not working at all.

  • They charge you a lot of money for their "standard treatments", even when they're fully aware that their "standard treatments" are not working — when they know for sure that their worthless "standard treatments" are killing you.

  • They also mislead you when they say they're the "experts". How can they be the "experts" when they don't keep up with promising scientific research, when they ignore medical discoveries, when they ignore every old drug that did work, when for them science and the facts do not matter. What matters for them are their "standard treatments" and the lies that the cancer industry is promoting at this time, to keep their well-oiled, but completely worthless, treatments going.

    Examples: There is a zero toxicity mushroom extract that is used routinely for cancer treatment in Japan, but it's totally ignored in the U.S.

    Or, how about tamoxifen, a breast cancer drug?

    Or, how about chloroquine, the anti-malaria drug?

    Or, how about curcumin, the bioactive ingredient of turmeric? Why is it great? Because it has anti-cancer properties. And because it's universally useful for every kind of cancer.

    Or, how about dichloroacetic acid (DCA)? It's an old, inexpensive drug that costs only pennies per dose. Why is it great? Because, when it's added it to the drinking water of mice, it shrinks their cancerous tumors in a matter of weeks. (26)

  • As explained here, MDs have the shortest lifespan, the highest abuse rate of alcohol and drugs, and the highest suicide rate. Ergo, it's foolish go to someone, with the shortest lifespan and the highest abuse rate of alcohol and drugs, and ask them how to have a healthy, happy and long life.

  • If you foolishly place your health in their hands, they won't prevent your (breast) cancer, and there will be no warning.

  • Their "early detection" is not prevention, so don't expect any real answers from them on how to prevent your (breast) cancer.
So, how can you prevent your (breast) cancer? Avoid MDs, and you will prevent your (breast) cancer.

Naturopaths (ND)

How can you prevent breast cancer? Get regular check-ups from naturopaths (ND), as opposed to medical doctors (MD), Or, what is even better, get your regular check-ups from homeopaths, and you will prevent your breast cancer. Homeopaths are state-licensed. Look for directories of licensed homeopathic practitioners.

Night shift work

How can you prevent breast cancer? Avoid night shift work.

In a scientific study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the researchers surveyed 18,551 women, reviewed their work histories, and looked for links between the women's shift work history and risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The researchers determined that, for women who frequently (or always) worked night shifts for a long time, the breast cancer risk was more than double, compared to women who never worked night shifts. (38)

So, how can you prevent your breast cancer? Avoid night shift work, and you will prevent your breast cancer. ...More >>

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