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How to prevent breast cancer, page 1 of 17

By Dr. Al Rowland

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How about the American cancer industry?
How about breast cancer awareness?
And how about American MDs?

Acid foods, packaged

How can you prevent breast cancer? There are many who believe that, in order to prevent breast cancer, you should avoid ALL acid foods.

However, as explained here and here:
  • Protein foods are needed;
  • Animal meat, such as liver, is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, and
  • What you need to avoid are the packaged acid foods, such as packaged meat products.
So, how can you prevent breast cancer? Avoid packaged acid foods, such as packaged meat products, and you will prevent breast cancer.

Airport body scanners

How can you prevent breast cancer? Avoid airport full-body scanners. Why? Because:
  • Breast cancer is linked to x-ray radiation.

  • All the followings are illegal and wrong: The pornographic scanners, the rendering, recording, transmitting and storing images of air travelers stripped naked and the virtual strip searches in U.S. airports.

  • Despite of the government's false assertions to the contrary, airport full-body scanners pose a significant cancer threat, particularly to women who are genetically at risk of breast cancer. Why? Because:

  • A Johns Hopkins University study showed that radiation zones around the scanners exceeded safety limits, and the NIST warned workers to avoid standing next to the full-body scanners.

  • Breast cancer is linked to radiation; and no one should downplay the harm caused by radiation.
According to a group of UCSF scientists, it is misleading to compare the scanners' radiation to cosmic radiation, because the latter is absorbed by the whole body, and is thus less dangerous than the radiation of the full-body scanners which is concentrated on only the skin and the underlying tissues. ...More >>

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