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Junk foods

As explained here, you need to avoid all junk foods (fast foods).

Low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet

The problem is that, for decades the mainstream media as well as the various disease organizations have advised you to eat a diet of high-carb low-fat (HCLF).

The problem is that, as a direct consequence of their "professional" advice, you're fatter, sicker and more addicted to carbs and sugars than any time before.

The problem is that, thanks to their "professional" advice, you look gaunt and weak. You're often sick and sometimes you literally break down. Do you think their diet is making you healthier and younger? Of course not. The their diet is killing you!

However, there is a better way. Choose the LCHF diet and go against their belief system of "carbs are needed", "fat is bad", "fat makes you fat" and "cholesterol is evil"!

Do the opposite of what they keep recommending. Choose a diet that is low in carb and high in fat (LCHF). Why? Because, despite their "professional" advice to the contrary, the LCHF diet:
  • Boosts your HDL (good) cholesterol by 11.5%. (13)
  • Doesn't bump up your LDL (bad) cholesterol. (13)
  • Improves your biomarkers. (13)
  • Makes you alert, attractive and healthy.
  • Transforms you from fat (and unattractive) to beautiful (and attractive).
Why? Because none of the followings is true: "carbs are needed", "fat is bad", "fat makes you fat" and "cholesterol is evil". (11) (13)

There is little or nothing is negative on the LCHF diet...
  • Understandibly a bit less research has been published on it.
  • Understandibly researchers don't have any good argument against it.
  • Understandibly researchers tend to avoid going against the conventional wisdom of "carbs are needed", "fat is bad", "fat makes you fat" and "cholesterol is evil". Why? Because researchers fear they won't get research grants.


Right after water, protein is the most important nutrient for good health, vitality and growth. Because:
  • Adults need 55 grams of protein (per day).
  • Human beings can live just 5 weeks without protein foods.
  • Your skin, hair, nails, tendons, ligaments, organs, and muscles are made of proteins. Therefore you definitely need protein foods. (1)
What's more, not only can you regain your health on protein foods, but, despite concerned lay persons, coaches, and medical doctors, you do not need any carbs! (11)


If you must eat carbs, then you want to choose veggies, rather than fruits or grains because:
  • Veggies contain more minerals than fruits and grain products, and
  • USDA nutrition experts say the foundation of your diet should be fruits and veggies, not grains.
However, if you really think about it, you shouldn't eat any veggies. Why? Because:
  • You don't need any veggies. (11)
  • Veggies contain a substance, phytic acid, that does more harm than good. It inhibits the absorption of essential dietary nutrients.
However, you can get rid of the phytic acid, if you cook or bake your veggies. That is, if you damage them with heat and flames, before you eat them. However, do you really want to eat any food that has been damaged? ...More >>

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