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How to prevent a mild diverticulitis attack, page 2 of 3

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Why dietary fiber?

Because constipation is often blamed on low-fiber diets. Mainstream propaganda usually assert that dietary fiber can and will prevent mild diverticulitis attacks. However, this is nothing but propaganda. Dietary fiber is overrated and bad for you because:
  • It is a myth that you need dietary fiber for the prevention of constipation;
  • It is a fact that fiber is a questionable, irritating substance;
  • It is a fact that fiber almost always means carb, and carbs make you fat A) because carbs are appetite stimulants, and B) because carbs trigger the release of insulin (the hormone that makes you fat);
  • It is a fact proven by scientific research that fiber ages the bowels; and the more the bowels are aged, the more likely it is that you get colon cancer. (1) (2) (3) (4)

Why colon cancer?

Because the dietary fiber's repetitive mechanical action, the irritation and the friction tend to damage the colon. And, over time, this damage tends to cause colon cancer. However, you do have a choice:
  1. If you refuse to buy the mainstream propaganda, and if you eat a low-carb (low fiber, high-fat) diet, then chances are you'll become a slim, attractive, healthy person. Alternatively,

  2. If you buy the mainstream propaganda and the myth that "fat makes you fat", and if you eat a high-carb (high-fiber, low-fat) diet, then chances are you'll become a fat, unattractive person with colon cancer. I'm not insulting; I'm telling the truth.

Prevention or treatment?

Assuming you're in the habit of eating junk foods, improper foods, or lifeless foods — when people say fiber prevents diverticulosis, what they're really saying is that, because of the mechanical friction of fiber, fiber MAY remove some of the sticky substances from the bowel walls that tend to accumulate in there.

Therefore, when people say fiber prevents diverticulosis, what they're really saying is that fiber is for the treatment of diverticulosis. Why? (i) because treatment is not the same as prevention, and (ii) because prevention would be your commitment to superior nutrition.

Superior nutrition would mean you would regard your body as a temple. And, when you regard your body as a temple, you never put into it any of the followings: processed foods, junk foods, constipating foods, dairy foods, cereals, white rice, white breads and breadlike substances like white crackers and pretzels. (5) ...More >>

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