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What if it never works out?

If it never works out, then you're doing something wrong.
The usual issues are your:
  • Fear of rejection,
  • Fear of the opposite sex,
  • Fear of talking to strangers,
  • Being too fat (skinny, tall, short, or ugly),
  • Cheap clothes,
  • Lack of advertising,
  • Negativity,
  • General pickiness,
  • Habit of saying negative things about yourself, and
  • Habit of saying or doing things that your potential soul mates (soulmates) find creepy, disgusting, distasteful, insincere, pathetic, ugly, weak, weird, or wrong.

What is great about being single?

I love being single because I'm always available when I need me. The greatest things about being single are:
  • The freedom to avoid the misery of your married friends;
  • The freedom to eat whatever you want to eat;
  • The freedom to experience the life you want;
  • The freedom to be a bit crazy and free;
  • The freedom to get in touch with your brightest, greatest, and darkest fantasies;
  • The freedom to live the life you're able to visualize;
  • The freedom to live the life you've always wanted to live;
  • The freedom to live where and how you want to live;
  • The freedom to use the bathroom without closing the door;
  • You can bring home a special someone, without giving anyone a heads-up;
  • You can call the shots every single time;
  • You can create a life for yourself where you can experience your brightest fantasies;
  • You can decorate your home as you please;
  • You can do all the embarrassing, gross things you want, without fear of her (his) judgment;
  • You can hang out with crazy, exciting, thrill-seeking, or wild people;
  • You can have short-term jobs, winter in the south, and summer in the north;
  • You can live in a community surrounded by other singles, for fun and inspiration;
  • You can live wherever you want, if nothing else is tieing you down;
  • You can leave the house at 2 am, wearing plaid shorts and a polka dot tank top;
  • You can leave your clothing in your living room for many days;
  • You can maintain your home as you please;
  • You can name your pet anything you want;
  • You can throw out anything and get anything, without asking anyone's opinion about it;
  • You don't ever have to clean up another person's mess;
  • You don't ever have to wear any pants (in your home);
  • You never have to compromise which movie you see on Saturday nights;
  • You never have to find room for her (his) collection of shoes;
  • You never have to share the remote, or the TV, with anyone;
  • You never have to wait for her (him) to get out of the bathroom, to pee or shower;
  • You never have to walk into a room where she (he) has farted;
  • You never hear about the mess you've made;
  • You never hear the question, "What time will you be home?"
  • You never hear the question, "Where are you going?"
  • You never hear the question, "Whom are you going to be with?" ...More >>

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