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Who is a soul mate (soulmate)?

Your soul mate (soulmate) is a person who is compatible with you in disposition, point of view and sensitivity.

What is the definition of single?

You're single when you're FREE from the bondage of the opposite sex, as well as from the bondage of the unfair laws of your corrupt state government. The issue is, your corrupt state government enables your opposite sex to:
  • Choke the life out of you by making you pay alimony and child support you can't afford;
  • Commit paternity fraud whenever they please;
  • Divorce you whenever they please;
  • Get you arrested and imprisoned whenever they please;
  • Kill (abort) your kids whenever they please, and
  • Refuse sex whenever they please, regardless of how badly you (or your children) might be affected.
This way, by working for an employer, and by never wading into the gene pool, you'll never have any spouse who might find an excuse to choke the life out of you by making you pay alimony and child support you can't afford. And you'll never have kids who might find an excuse to put you into a nursing home.

What is the hardest part of being single?

The hardest part is finding the motivation to:
  • Advertise your needs (when you don't have to);
  • Dress sharply (when you don't have to);
  • Keep yourself in top shape (when you don't have to);
  • Leave your house (when you don't have to);
  • Meet new people (when you don't have to); and
  • Work productively (when you don't have to).

What is the worst part about being single?

Keeping your house neat and clean (when you're a single guy), and maintaining your house and car (when you're a single woman).

What is wrong about being single?

There is nothing wrong about being single. However, acting like as if there was something wrong with you, there are lots of people who will pressure you to get a girlfriend (boyfriend), get married and have kids. How do they do it? From time to time, and with a disapproving tone of voice, they spring on you one or more of the following questions:
  • Aren't you aware that you're missing out on a life that everyone else seems to find so easy to have?
  • How come you're single?
  • How come you've never married?
  • Living alone is not good... so why are you living alone?
  • What is wrong with you? Are you gay (lesbian)?
  • Why aren't you dating?
  • Why don't you have a girlfriend (boyfriend)?
  • You'll run out of time! You won't be able to have kids!

Why don't you have a wife (husband) and kids?

Even if you don't spend any time at all on finding your soul mate (soulmate), the greatest answer to this question is this: "Because I haven't found the woman (man) that I could marry!"

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