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Your friend is a deadbeat dad (cont'd...)

How can you tell your friend is a deadbeat dad? Usually you can tell because there is...
  • Deception and dishonesty: He tells his wife he is traveling in order to find work, when you know for sure he is traveling to see some of his friends.
  • False name: You learn that others know him as "John" when his real name is Joe.
  • Moving target: He moves his email account from yahoo.com to opera.com. Then from opera.com to post.com.
  • No ID: He refuses to show his ID to hotel receptionists; and he won't even show it to you!
  • No name: He removes his name from all of his emails, and asks you to do the same, and pretend his name is "Friend". In effect, he starts hiding his name from everyone, including you!
  • No number: He gets a new home telephone number, but he never gives it to you!
  • No peace and quiet: If he is on the phone with you, he "needs a privacy screen". What is it? It's an annoying music that is so loud that you can barely hear his voice. Why? Because he fears his wife will overhear him.
  • No travel: He won't even travel to Canada where, at the international border, he may get arrested as a fugitive from justice. Why? Because of non-payment of child support.
  • No wife, no family: He hides his wife's and family members from you. He does this by assigning a different phone number to his wife and family. This ensures you never ever speak to his wife or family for any reason.

Your friend is poor

How can you tell your friend is poor? Despite the government's and mainstream media's assertions to the contrary, just about all "deadbeat dads" are poor. Your friend is poor if you notice his...
  • Chronic negativity, chronic unemployment, chronic state of hopelessness;
  • Chronic poor health, chronic lack of energy, chronic disease;
  • Diet of cheap, unhealthy foods like ham, white bread and coffee;
  • Old-old shoes and clothes;
  • Poorly maintained old-old car;
  • Ugly, discolored and missing teeth.

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