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Paying for everything

What if you pay for everything? If your "friend" wants to spend time with you, because you pay for everything, then she is a user. If she doesn't want to hang out with you, unless you pay for everything, then she is a user.

Personal problems

What if your friend has too many problems? If your "friend" asks you for support, it is good sign. However, it's the sign of a user, if he 'constantly' asks you for support. If he 'always' wants to talk about his problems, and if there is no reciprocity, then there is no room for you in the friendship, and you want to get rid of him. It doesn't have to be 50-50 in every minute, but overall you should feel you're getting your needs met, and so is he...


What if your friend does not help you back? If your "friend" doesn't reciprocate, then he is a user. users don't reciprocate; that is they don't help you back. Or, if they do, their level of help is low-low. When you need their help, they don't give you back the same level of help that you extended to them.


What if your friend wants sex? If your "friend" wants to spend time with you because he wants you, then he may be a user. If he doesn't hang out with you, unless you have sex with him, then he is a user. If he hangs out with you to have sex with you, but you're feeling neither happy, nor fulfilled or satisfied, then he is a user.

Selfish people

What if your friend is selfish? When you're NOT getting any fun, pleasure, or enjoyment from their company, and when the emphasis is placed on their own needs, then your "friend" is a user, because he wants your company for the free help he can get from you.


What if your friend is a talker? If your "friend" is doing all the talking, and if she is complaining to you about things, then she is using you.


What if your friend is a thief? If your "friend" flirts with your boyfriend, has stolen your boyfriend, or steals things from you, then she is a user. ...More >>

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