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Mainstream experts

The mainstream media, the government, the mainstream health experts and the various disease organizations, such as the American Heart Association, give you bad advice when they say you should eat low-fat, carb-rich foods.

According to them, common obesity is all about calories in, minus calories out. Like as if the human body was but a simple calorimeter, like as if it made no difference where the calories came from.

What's the reason for their bad advice? One explanation is that they give the public what the public wants — candy, ice cream, refined sugar, sodas, sweet bakery products and sweet fruits — and the public sucks.

Another explanation is that they serve not the public, but the various food manufacturers that want to sell you their (junk) food products.

Therefore, if you're smart, if you really want to lose weight, then you don't listen to them. Why? Because there is better advice on how to really lose weight: Simply stop the carbs.

Why? Because, unlike their advice, our advice is supported by scientific research published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition. (3) (4) (5)

Ratio of proteins and carbs

How can you really lose weight, for free? Here is what you need to do:
  • Cut your carbs to zero, or close to zero;
  • Eat little or no carbs;
  • Eat more proteins;
  • Increase your proteins; and
  • Watch the ratio of your proteins and carbs.
If you do, then you'll really lose weight, for free. Why? Because what makes you fat are the carbs. And, as to proteins, don't be concerned. Proteins won't make you fat.
  • Because proteins can't be stored as body fat; and
  • Because proteins don't elicit the insulin response that makes you fat.
So, cut carbs completely out of your diet, and you will feel fantastic. Live on a diet of mostly meat, and you will consume the highest quality protein available. Have a healthy dose of animal fats, too, and your nutritional needs won't suffer at all. ...More >>

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