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Isolate yourself

How can you avoid sex? Don't get married, because you want to avoid the temptation of sex.

If you are married, avoid your spouse. Give him (or her) nothing but excuses, and start enjoying your own company.

Live pretty much alone. Isolate yourself as much as you can. Hide in your own house. And, if you do, you will be able to avoid sex!

Lower the thermostat

How can you avoid sex? The ambient temperature of your house is important, because it controls your behavior.

Therefore, how can you avoid sex? Get your warm clothes out of the closet, and keep adjusting the thermostat, both in your house and workplace, until all of your rooms are so cold that you have to wear four layers of clothes all the time.

The advantages are twofold. Number one, the more layers you wear, the more you will look like a shapeless slob. Number two, the colder the ambient temperature, the less you want to do anything sexy, because it's just too darn cold all the time!

So, how can you avoid sex? By maintaining a consistently low ambient temperature! It will definitely help you avoid sex!

Pretend you're not interested

How can you avoid sex? If you run into an interesting stranger, pretend you're not interested. If you're pressed for an answer, just say "no" and keep saying "no".

Pretend you're married. Pretend you're gay (or lesbian). Or pretend you have a boyfriend (or girlfriend).

How can you avoid sex? By ignoring the approaches of all interesting strangers. The big advantage is, if your initial response is negative, or if you fail to respond to him (or her), or if you continue to pretend you have no personal needs, then you will be able to avoid sex. Why? Because you will never date anyone!

Take home the work

How can you avoid sex? Take home your work, and continue working long hours at night, every night. And pretend you don't have any personal needs. If you keep yourself busy all the time by working all the time, you will be able to avoid sex!

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