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"Smoking doesn't cause cancer!"

Issue: Thanks to the mainstream media, there is a growing worldwide belief that smoking causes cancer.

Issue: Studies on the dangers of smoking are weak. There is no evidence. In other words, there are no studies that explicitly and effectively prove that smoking causes cancer.

Issue: The vast majority of studies on the dangers of smoking produce only suggestions. Still they publish their research with weak conclusions like "Smoking may increase the risk of developing one or more forms of cancer".

Issue: Many of us would like to know who paid for those studies. Chances are it was Big Pharma. Pfizer is the most likely candidate.

Issue: Many of us are suspicious of any study that wants to harm the tobacco industry, and benefit Big Pharma that makes "no smoke" products.

Issue: There are too many variables in a person's lifestyle to be able to pinpoint the cause of his (or her) disease to one particular activity that they appear to share. As to the cause of cancer, in my lifetime the doctors have blamed it on celery, french fries, hot dogs and radon gas. Lately they have been blaming it on "smoking". However, the issue is, just about every test subject also drank alcohol. Just about very test subject also failed to exercise. Just about very test subject also ate processed foods. Just about very test subject also ate celery, french fries, hot dogs. And just about very test subject also breathed radon gas.

Issue: The study that I would like to see is one that actually induces cancer in laboratory animals, by exposing them to the equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day, for years. And then, and only then, could that study honestly say that "smoking causes cancer". (3)

Issue: It will probably take another 100 years before we will be able to say that smoking does indeed cause cancer — in spite of the fact that neither the 20th, nor the 21st century has produced any explicit (i.e. cause and effect) evidence in support of the "smoking causes cancer" hypothesis.

Therefore just tell yourself that "Smoking doesn't cause cancer!"

Telling yourself that "smoking doesn't cause cancer" is one of the best reasons to start smoking and keep smoking! ...More >>

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