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Environment, your (cont'd...)

Example: Fast forward to today, and — have you noticed — homosexuality is increasing.

Example: Have you noticed? Today's teenager boys are significantly less aggressive, less territorial, more docile, and more effeminate than any time before!

Example: Have you noticed? The use of cell phones is increasing, and the electromagnetic waves associated with cell phones are also lowering our testosterone levels!

Example: Have you noticed? Increasingly more and more gender bending chemicals, such as Bisphenol A, are found in foods and food packaging!

Example: When you use plastic bottles and containers (for water, canned foods or frozen foods), you increase your intake of gender-bending chemicals! Why is this bad? Because they lower your testosterone levels! And, at the same time, estrogen levels are rising.

Example: Municipal water treatment facilities make no effort whatsoever to filter them out. Therefore, estrogen hormones from contraceptive pills are finding their way into the water supply and the food chain.

Example: When you drink a glass of tapwater, you drink the estrogen hormones of contraceptive pills that have accumulated in the last 50+ years! And, why is this bad? Because estrogen hormones have a counter-effect on your testosterone levels!

So, what is one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence)? Your environment is one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence).

Estrogen hormones

What are the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence)? Estrogen hormones represent one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence). ...More >>

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