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Estrogen hormones (cont'd...)

Most people believe that estrogen hormones make men effeminate, therefore they should be totally ignored, if your gender is male.

However, according to a new study, both testosterone and estrogen hormones play roles in male libido (sexual desire). According to the study, low testosterone levels do cause a decline in libido (sexual desire), but if you're on an estrogen-suppressing drug, you experience an even greater decline in libido (sexual desire). (8)

Some studies suggest that high estrogen levels lead to ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence), and that high estrogen levels are known to decrease testosterone levels. However, a new study proves that, while a high estrogen milieu does affect the erectile function, testosterone replacement in itself doesn't improve the ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence), if the ED was induced by high estrogen levels. (6)

However, try to explain that to the typical medical doctor. One issue is, he won't have a clue, because he doesn't keep up with scientific research. And, if in the unlikely event he attempts to discover the cause of your ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence), he won't even know what he is doing!

Example: Because of his ignorance, he refuses to test your estrogen levels.

Example: He refuses to investigate whether your symptoms are caused by excesses in your estrogen levels.

So, what is one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence)? Estrogen hormones are one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence).

Exercise, lack of physical

What are the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence)? Your sedentary lifestyle, and the chronic lack of physical exercise, is one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence).

Issue 1: Many people make the mistake of halting their physical activities, and as a consequence, their sex life also comes to a halt.   ...More >>

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