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Foods, female (cont'd...)

You're not totally blameless because, when you eat out, instead of choosing male foods, you often choose ice cream, pizza, salad bar, noodles, fruit salads, apple juice, seasoned rice, steamed corn, green peas, sweet french fries, vegetables, fruits, and baked potatoes.

The issue is, on a per day basis you can eat only so much. If you have the "big salad bar, sprouted sunflower seeds, and baked potatoes with sea salt and olive oil", then how and where are you going to get your daily dose of cholesterol?

You need to remind yourself that, if you want higher testosterone levels, you need to change your diet! You need to choose foods that are high in cholesterol, high in healthy fats, high in proteins, and low in carbohydrates!

You need to put yourself on a diet of healthy raw organic egg yolks, sushi (raw fish), raw organic butter, and other high-quality animal foods.

So, what is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Female foods are one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

Foods, low-protein

What are the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)?
Low-protein foods are one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

The Journal of Animal Science reports that, if you're on a low protein diet, you'll have no change in your testosterone and luteinizing hormone (known as lutropin, lutrophin, or LH) levels. However, you'll have lower levels of the sex hormone estradiol-17 beta (known as oestradiol, or E2). And, thanks to the latter and only to the latter, you will experience:
  • Delayed ejaculations,
  • Ejaculations of shorter durations,
  • Lower semen volumes, as well as
  • Low libido. (18) ...More >>
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