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What are the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction? A diet of female foods is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction.

You won't have any daytime erection, and not even morning wood, if you eat female (low-cholesterol, low-protein, and low calorie) foods.

The most likely perpetrator is a harridan who fixes your meals, or influences your choice of foods.

Because she worships carbs such as refined sugar, and maligns meat and animal fat.

Whenever she fixes your meals, she believes she has the right to choose the foods you eat. Therefore, she fixes for you foods that are low in cholesterol and protein, and high in carbs and refined sugar. And these are the foods that give you ED (erectile dysfunction).

You're unaware that, instead of feeding you a diet fit for a predator, she feeds you a diet fit for a barnyard animal.

She's unaware that testosterone is manufactured from cholesterol. And cholesterol is found in animal fats and meats, NOT vegetables, fruits, breads, bagels, pasta, rice and doughnuts.

She is also unaware that sex hormones are made from cholesterol foods. Therefore your foods should be cholesterol foods, such as (raw) eggs and fishes, NOT beans and potatoes.

She is misguided when the recipe calls for "butter", and she uses extra virgin olive oil in place of butter. Or when the recipe calls for egg yolks, and she uses carrots, in place of egg yolks.

Other perpetrators include company cafeterias. They attract you with foods that are low in cholesterol and high in carbs and refined sugar. Examples: apple juice, seasoned rice, steamed corn, big salad bar, mixed fruit pizza, noodles, green peas, fruit salads, sweet potato fries, fall harvest vegetables, fresh fruit tray, ice cream, and baked potatoes.

But if you ask for a slice of chicken breast, the line is longer, the price is higher, like as if they were trying to gently dissuade you from ordering protein foods of animal origin. ...More >>

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