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Alzheimer's prevention, cause and cure, page 1 of 6

By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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What is Alzheimer's dementia? Learn about it!
Discover what causes it, so you can prevent it.
Yes, you can prevent Alzheimer's.
Yes, you can cure Alzheimer's!

The hardworking real estate agent

Let me tell you a true story. Once upon a time there was a hardworking real estate agent. Thanks to hard work and the habit of living frugally and being an extreme saver — he and his wife drank tap water, drove an old car and walked around with holes in their shoes, every penny that didn't go towards paying their bills had to go into their retirement account — they were able to save more than a million dollars, and were looking forward to a comfortable retirement.

However, bad things started happening to them at around age 65. First the wife died, then — after he sold the house, after he moved into a rental apartment building where he was not known, where all the doors looked the same — he was no longer able to conceal his Alzheimer's.

No, he didn't break into any of his neighbors' apartments. And no, he didn't take anything that was not his. However, his neighbors called the cops on him when he kept fumbling with his keys on their doorsteps.

Cops raided his apartment, interrogated him, then reported him to the State, when they learned he was a rich, elderly, single guy with Alzheimer's.

His imprisonment

The problem is that, once you're identified as a rich, elderly, single guy with Alzheimer's, your corrupt State government will arrest you, seize your money, and treat you like criminal.

In his particlular case, his corrupt State government officials found a way to:
  • Seize all of his million-dollar savings,
  • All of his retirement income, and
  • Lock him into an insane asylum (loony-bin, nut house, psychiatric hospital). Not temporarily, but for life!
Therefore, thanks to his corrupt State government, these days he's got no choice, but vegetate in a lousy loony-bin where, thanks to loud noises and glaring lights that are left on, even at night, every night, he can't even sleep! Not even at night!

And we can't get him out of there. He's not allowed to receive visitors. He's a prisoner for life. He can't leave because all external doors of that loony-bin are locked, all their windows have security bars, and there are guards at all the gates! And, without money, outside help, and brains, how can he ever regain his personal freedom, money, and income? ...More >>

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