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The loony-bin

There are doctors in that loony-bin (insane asylum). However, those doctors:
  • Don't treat him at all;
  • Aren't interested in curing him of Alzheimer's;
  • Do put him on psychiatric drugs that perform a chemical lobotomy, straitjacket him chemically and turn him into a zombie who is no longer able to complain or present any problems to hospital staff.
Why? Because they work for the State. And because over there he's just a prisoner.

The cause

What is the cause of Alzheimer's? Alzheimer's was identified and described 100+ years ago. And, in the last 100 years, increasingly more and more scientists have noticed the undeniable fact that aluminum is found in the brains of all Alzheimer's patients.

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth. The most likely sources of aluminum are:
  • Antiperspirants — fortunately, they are labeled as containing aluminum.

  • Baked goods — they should be labeled as containing aluminum, but much of the time they're not. Therefore most of us are unaware that we're actually ingesting aluminum. What's more, when aluminum comes into contact with a sugarlike additive called maltol (a flavoring in many baked goods), its capacity to breach the body's defenses is increased as much as ninetyfold.

  • Cereals, pretzels, confectioneries — aluminum concentrations of up to 1 mg/kg/week are considered to be safe. However, cereal products contain up to 737 mg/kg, pretzels up to 218 mg/kg, confectioneries up to 184 mg/kg, cocoa powder up to 150 mg/kg, and soy products up to 138 mg/kg. The question arises, "When shall we learn?" (7)

  • Pots and pans — it was a long-long time ago when, back in 1885, aluminum was shown to be toxic to the nervous tissues of animals. However, even these days, in the 21st century, we still cook and bake in aluminum. Why? Because aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel. The question arises, "When shall we learn?"

  • Silverware — many of us still use silverware made of aluminum. Why? Maybe because we don't realize they're made of aluminum. Or because they're cheaper. The question arises, "When shall we learn?"

  • Water — most of us drink tap water, or bottled (tap) water, because it tastes better, is cheaper, or more convenient. Unless in the unlikely event you drink nothing but distilled water, the water you drink contains aluminum. Why? Because when toilet water is recycled in (government) water treatment facilities, the water is treated with aluminum. Kidney dialysis patients often suffer serious mental deterioration due to aluminum poisoning. Water treatment should be regulated to lower aluminum content. However, any such regulation is highly unlikely.
Therefore, unless you work for the medical monopolists — who in their own financial interest don't want to cure and don't cure anyone — you need to periodically re-read the scientific literature as a reminder to yourself that aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's, and Alzheimer's is linked to aluminum. (1) (2) (3) (4) ...More >>

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