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High cholesterol

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is your high serum cholesterol in the form of high triglycerides, elevated homocysteine levels, low levels of HDL cholesterol, and high levels of LDL cholesterol. However, there is a big difference between high dietary cholesterol and high serum cholesterol.

Hydergine® avoidance

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is Hydergine® avoidance.

Hydergine® is a safe and effective prescription drug that has been available for a half century, is the fifth largest selling prescription drug in the world. However it's almost unknown in the United States for hypoxia purposes. Why? Because the FDA places restrictions on what its manufacturer can tell medical doctors. (11)

Hydergine® safely and effectively protects the brain from free radical damage resulting from hypoxia (insufficient oxygen). And strokes do cause hypoxia. (11)

Meats, packaged, smoked or processed

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is the meat product that is packed, smoked, or processed. Your diet plays a crucial role in your risk for a stroke. You need to avoid meats that are packaged, smoked, or processed. Because the preservatives, sodium nitrate (A.K.A. sodium nitrite, A.K.A. cultured celery extract), found in smoked and processed meats have been shown to damage blood vessels, thus increase your risk of stroke.

Medical doctors and their prescription drugs

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is the prescription drugs prescribed by your medical doctor. (15)

Why? Because when you go to your medical doctor, it is likely that you end up with prescriptions for multiple drugs that harm you, but do little or nothing to help you. Why? Because...
  • Medical doctors don't even look at research papers on drugs they prescribe. If they looked the papers up, they would often find the drugs they tend to prescribe didn't work better than the placebo.
  • No one has tested how your medical doctor's latest prescription drug has worked in combination with the other four or five prescription drugs you're currently on. Therefore, just taking you off everything can and will likely improve your health right away. (21) ...More >>
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