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By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is bra-wearing. Why? Because there is a strong correlation between bra-wearing and breast cancer in women.

In one scientific study at the Harvard University researchers analyzed data from 3,918 women and 11,712 controls. They found that premenopausal women who, compared with bra users, didn't wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer. (1) (2)

In another scientific study by medical anthropologists Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer researchers analyzed data from 5,000 women. They found that women who wore bras 24 hours a day had a 75% risk of developing breast cancer, while braless women had only 0.6% risk of developing breast cancer. (7)

No one can fully explain the correlation between bras and breast cancer in women. However, the most likely explanation is that bras are unnatural and restrictive. They compress your lymph vessels, thereby they prevent the flow of your vital lymph fluids.

Given the fact that bra-wearing is linked to breast cancer, you should pay attention to scientific studies. If you're smart, you go braless. If you're smart, you play it safe with your health and ditch your bra. Fortunately, you don't need your doctor's permission to ditch your bra.


What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is your lack of breastfeeding.

According to one study, if you breastfeed, you will benefit and your infant will benefit. You will benefit because, for each year of breastfeeding, your breast cancer risk will drop 4 percent. Why? Because breastfeeding allows your breast to clear itself of carcinogens.

According to the same study, your breastfeeding alone can account for two-thirds of your reduced risk, if you have as many babies as the women of underdeveloped countries; and if you breastfeed for 30 months per child, like the women of underdeveloped countries.

According to the same study, if you have more kids, and if you breastfeed them longer, your breast cancer risk will be cut in half.

There is a big difference between women who try and give up breastfeeding, and those who never give it a go. When your breasts are aching with milk, how can you not let your baby have any?

Therefore, be smart and play it safe with your health! Be positive about breastfeeding and childbirth! Keep in mind that breastfeeding is in your own interest. Why? Because during delivery and breastfeeding you always dump all of your toxins, including carcinogens, to your infant. ...More >>

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