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Mineral water causes kidney stones, page 1 of 2

By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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Do you have kidney stones?
Have you ever had kidney stones?
Are you worried about kidney stones?

What are they blamed on?

Kidney stones are often blamed on:
  • Not drinking enough "water";
  • Your "diseases", such as gout or obesity; or
  • Your "genes", like as if there was nothing you could do!
  • Your "food choices", such as animal proteins, beets, chocolate, salt, spinach, tea.

What does the typical doctor say?

If you ask the typical medical doctor, chances are he (or she):
  • Doesn't know, or pretends not to know, the root cause of kidney stones;
  • Erroneously asserts the root cause of your kidney stones is your "genes" or "food choices";
  • Erroneously asserts there is nothing you can do, if you're a "known stone former";
  • May collect, but never analyzes your stones;
  • Doesn't counsel you on what the stones are, why they're formed, and how you can prevent them;
  • Doesn't tell you about fresh lemons and olive oil;
  • Erroneously asserts that excessive calcium intake doesn't cause any stone formation;
  • Erroneously asserts that restricting calcium intake, e.g. using distilled water, actually increases the number of stones.
Why? Because he (or she) can't make any money by suggesting natural remedies.

Why is he (or she) negative about distilled water?

Because he (or she) wants to sell you (often poisonous) prescription pills and (often painful) medical procedures, such as ureteroscopies, lithotripsies, cystoscopies, stents, CT scans, lithotomies and nephrolithotomies. However, chances are, he (or she) won't mention the expenses, the physical pain, and the 'risks' associated with medical procedures. Medical procedures represent far more risk than adverse drug reactions. And, are you aware of the fact that at least 106,000 people die every year in the United States, from adverse drug reactions alone? ...More >>

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