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How I naturally increased my testosterone levels 100x

By Dr. Sven Sandors

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By changing my diet and lifestyle, I naturally increased my testosterone levels from approx. 10 to over 1,000 ng/dl. I used neither analog, nor bio-identical hormones, because I wanted to address my diet and lifestyle first.


I stopped the intake of processed foods, trans fats, chemical additives, carbohydrates, processed and heated fats, yeast, and refined salt. I eat a diet of mostly animal fats and raw proteins; because a healthful diet is important for my testosterone levels.


I started to avoid all alcohol, because alcohol decreases the production of my testosterone and growth hormones.


I started exercising every day. I squat, do pushups and pull ups, lift weights, climb stairs, speed-walk; because regular exercise goes a long way to keeping my testosterone levels high.


I stopped the intake of carbohydrates, including high-fructose fruits, such as dried figs, dates, raisins, bananas, oranges and melons. Because, even in small amounts, fructose decreases my testosterone levels.


I stopped the intake of grain products; because grains have a negative effect on my testosterone levels.


I stopped the intake of packaged meat products. I started eating high-quality protein foods, such as raw egg yolks and sardines. And I don't cook them at all — not even at low temperatures.


I started to sleep more. Because the more sleep I'm able to get, the higher my testosterone levels are.


I stopped all carbohydrates, including sugary foods, such as ice cream and fruit juices. Because the rapid rises and falls of my blood sugars effectively block my testosterone secretion.


I started taking supplements, including zinc, and vitamins D3 and K2, because these supplements are needed for my testosterone levels and optimal health.

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