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Food pyramids

I don't use food pyramids. However, if you must use one, then consider using the USDA's true food pyramid, because it's better than the USDA's adjusted food pyramid.

Please notice there is a big gap between the recommendations of the USDA nutrition experts and the USDA politicians.

Be skeptical of the USDA's adjusted food pyramid, because our government doesn't represent the voice of the people. Because most of our politicians are in bed with various special interest groups.

Don't be like the typical guy or gal who — with a full and innocent trust in the health advice given by the government — attempts to follow the adjusted food pyramid. Because, if you do, the result will be profit and gain for a few food manufacturers, and the torments of ill health, bad teeth and weight gain for many guys and gals — including you!

The USDA's adjusted food pyramid is the one where our USDA politicians recommend starch as the foundation of your diet. Ignore it because the starch foundation is wrong. Ignore it because, despite the USDA's assertions to the contrary, the publicly funded USDA serves not the public, but the various food manufacturers that want to sell you their (mostly junk) food products.


According to one "expert", fruit is the ideal food, and you should become a fruitarian. (2)

However, while it's generally true that:
  • Fruits are easy to digest,
  • Fruits are sweet,
  • Fruits taste great,
  • Fruits are easier to sell,
The the truth is that...
  • You can't live on fruits alone. For starters, think of kwashiorkor.
  • Fructose, found in all fruits, is a poison that causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and pancreatic cancer; and pancreatic cancer is usually fatal.

Fruits and veggies

Do we need carbs, such as grain products, fruits and veggies? No, not really, because:
  • The value of carbs is debatable, and
  • Science has failed to prove that we need carbs. Think of fresh organ meats, if you're worried about scurvy.
Do we really need fruits and veggies for the micronutrients? The micronutrients would be nice. However, the soil is grossly deficient in micronutrients, and micronutrient deficiencies are widespread in all plant foods.

Should we take the advice of USDA nutrition experts? Should we comply with their true food pyramid, and eat five servings of fruits and veggies per day, every day? If we do, then we will certainly benefit from the micronutrients that fruits and veggies should have, but no longer have!

Do you want to lose your health? Of course you don't! However, there is a considerable body of evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the more carbs — especially sugary foods and grain products — you eat, the more likely it is that you'll lose your health to blood sugar fluctuations, breast cancer, diabetes, dizziness, dopiness, fatigue, food cravings, gum disease, headaches, nervousness, obesity, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, sleepiness, and tooth decay. ...More >>

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